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Medical Equipment

Our comprehensive suite of services extends beyond equipment procurement to include seamless installation, expert training, and flawless commissioning, ensuring that your medical equipment is seamlessly integrated into your workflow and ready to deliver optimal performance from day one.
Anaesthetic Machines 
Anaesthetic Machines 

Anaesthetia Administration

Ventilators - Ecomed

ICU and Transport Ventilators

Defibrillators & AED - Ecomed
Defibrillators & AED's

Automated External Defibrillators

BP Meter Rossmax Upperarm.jpg
Diagnostic Equipment
Theater Tables - Ecomed
Theatre Tables

Operating & Orthopedic Theaters

Radiology - Ecomed

Diagnostic Imaging

Infusion - Ecomed

Intravenous or Subcutaneous Therapy

oxygen mask.png
Oxygen Administration

Cylinders, Regulators, Flow Meters and  Oxygen Accessories. 

Theatre Examination Lights - Ecomed
Theatre/ Examination Lights

Various Lights and Lamps

Biolight S10.png
Patient Monitors

Diagnostic Analysis Monitoring

Infant Care - Ecomed
Infant Care

Antenatal Care In and Before Hospital

Suction Unit - Ecomed

Mobile, Wall and Battery Operated Suctions.

Medical Refrigeration - Ecomed
Hospital Furniture - Ecomed
Hospital Furniture

Browse through the range of hospital furniture.

Cold Chain

A range of medical fridges.

Autoclaves - Ecomed

Table Top Autoclaves

BVM Silicone.jpg
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