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PSA Oxygen Generation

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PSA Oxygen Generators are sophisticated devices that employ Pressure Swing Adsorption technology, a process that involves selectively adsorbing nitrogen molecules from ambient air using a molecular sieve material, allowing the oxygen molecules to pass through and be collected as a high-purity oxygen stream. 
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SMART series PSA Oxygen Generators 

SMART series PSA O2 generators are developed for small health care institutions, especially for low flow, continuous use of medical O2 demand. A stand-alone system with highly compact, plug and run design and wide applicability's, SMART series PSA O2 generators are excellent in performance, reliability and convenience.

Compact: Built-in high quality oil-injected screw compressor, dryer and Multi-stage filters.

Reliable and stable: 7*24hrs design, no performance degradation.

Low Noise: Sturdy and noise reduction industrial cabinet.

Convenient and easy installation: Plug in and run design. Heavy duty casters, allowing easy and time saving installation.

High Efficiency: Low power consumption.

Reliable: Time-proven PSA technology.

Wide applicability's: Many model and function options.

Options Available:


  • 2 Nm3/hr oxygen system

  • 3 Nm3/hr oxygen system

  • 5 Nm3/hr oxygen system

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CFS Series PSA Oxygen Generator

CFS series PSA oxygen generator with cylinder filling system is composed of parts & equipment of most famous and best quality in the world to maximum your productivity in consistent running and to exempt you from future worries.


Experienced professional engineers and teams, and products with durability, easy to handle, automatic controlling ensure low cost on maintenance and help you to focus on your business without troubles.

Cost-effective by low operating costs

Sophisticated and reliable technology

Exact purity for every application

Medical oxygen-compatible components

Easy to handle, install and maintain

Automatic and unattended operation

CFS PSA Spec.png

Options: Available:


  • 20 Nm3/hr oxygen system

  • 30 Nm3/hr oxygen system

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