Hospital Furniture

Providing hospital furniture all over South Africa 


Bassinet Crib & Mattress


Commode with Wheels

Dressing Trolley

Small / Medium / Large

Drug Cabinet

Wall Mountable

Small: 445 x 355 x 230mm

Large: 610 x 455 x 305mm

Emergency Trolley

Crash Cart - 5 Drawer - Stainless Steel

Hospital Bed

Basic 1980 x 915mm on 100mm Castors


On Stand with Stainless Steel Bucket

Overbed Table


Soiled Linen Receiver

With  Shelves & Bag

Bedside Locker

Stainless Steel with Top Drawer

Double Step

With Rubber Top

Instrument Trolley

Small / Medium / Large

Deadly Dangerous 
Poison Cabinet

610 x 455 x 305mm

with Lock

Emergency Trolley

Crash Cart - 5 Drawer - ABS

Hospital Bed

Cot Bed - Adult

Mayo Table

With Tray

Pedal Bin

Stainless Steel

Urine Bag Stand

Epoxy Coated Steel

Bedside Locker


Single Step

With Rubber Top



Utility Drug Cabinet


Examination Couch

Adjustable Head Section

Hospital Bed

Cot Bed - Child

Mobile Partitioning Screen

3 or 4 Division

Soiled Linen Receiver

Ring with Bag

X-Ray Viewing Box

Single / Double

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