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Test Equipment

Testing of Electric Medical Appliances

Extremely high-performance devices are required for the execution of measuring tasks in the field of medicine. On the one hand, they have to be able to cope with the complexity of the required tests, and on the other hand, they must assure high levels of accuracy for each individual measurement.

SECULIFE testers have been specially developed for testing those medical devices which are used most commonly in clinics - directly at the patient. Great importance is placed upon efficiency and reliability when performing measurements on these devices. The great variety of manufacturers and models of monitoring and therapeutic devices also necessitates high levels of compatibility.

Ultimate Infusion Device Analyzer (vPad-IV).jpeg
Ultimate Infusion Device Analyzer (vPad-IV)
  • Field configuration between 1-6 channels

  • Large intuitive user interface

  • Simple automatic pass/fail testing

  • Built-in autosequence editor

  • Full range class-leading accuracy from 0.1 – 3000 ml/hr

  • Conforms to all IEC 60601-2-24 test requirements

Electrical Safety Analyser (vPad-Rugged 2).png
Electrical Safety Analyser (vPad-Rugged 2)
  • Designed for the field service engineering community

  • Built-in crush proof case

  • Easy-to-read graphics and reports

  • Wireless interface to corporate CMMS system

  • Automated and manual electrical safety testing per IEC 62353, AAMI/ANSI ES-1, NFPA-99 2012 and IEC 60601

  • Available in black, orange, green, silver, tan, and lime

All-in-one Vital Signs Simulator.png
All-in-one Vital Signs Simulator

Datrend systems’ vPad-A1, based on our revolutionary Vision-Pad TechnologyTM, is an all-in-one patient simulation system. vPad-A1 is modular and is comprised of a multi-parameter patient simulator, SpO2 test module, and a non-invasive blood pressure simulation module which may be used together or independently in various combinations, with an Android handheld device or vPad tablet providing the user interface.

The Next Generation Infant Incubator & Radiant Warmer Testing System.png

The next generation infant incubator & radiant warmer testing system

  • Tests to IEC 60601-2-19, 2-20 and 2-21

  • Follows both Edition 1 and Edition 2 of standard

  • Built on the Vision-Pad platform to give you greater flexibility and scalability

  • Wireless control of tests within incubator

  • Changes to test can be made without disturbing heat environment

  • Measures all parameters automatically following user-defined protocols

  • Results can be automatically merged with electrical safety test results

ESU Analyzer.png

ESU Analyzer

Introducing vPad-RF, the smallest full-featured analyzer for testing Electrosurgical Units (ESUs). Built on Datrend’s revolutionary Vision-Pad platform, each unit comes with a built-in HF digital oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer.

Fetal Maternal Simulator.png


Fetal Maternal Simulator

  • Fetal simulation – two direct Fetal ECGs

  • Five maternal ECG leads

  • Three independent fetal ultrasound channels with “triplets” capability

  • Portable, battery-operated

Single Channel Infusion Device Analyzer.png

Infutest Solo

Single Channel Infusion Device Analyzer



  • Lightweight – battery-operated

  • Auto-test function

  • Cost effective

  • A compact, portable and easy-to-use device for testing ventilators and anaesthetic delivery systems of virtually any type

  • Its compact design makes it suitable for testing Ventilators and Anaesthetic systems of virtually any type

  • Equipped with an internal rechargeable battery, enabling mobile operation without a mains connection

  • On-board graphical display enables the generation of pressure and Flow waveforms without the need of a laptop

  • Optional multi-gas analyzer

  • User-defined test procedures and associated report forms can be stored and retrieved from the removable SD card or USB external memory

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