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Kingon P2

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Brand: Kingon

Portable Oxygen concentrators, often referred to as a POC, are devices used to provide oxygen therapy to patients. These patients require greater oxygen concentrations than ambient air.

Similar to home oxygen concentrators (OC), portable oxygen concentrators are smaller in size and light weight.

· The smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator

· Elegant design.

· 5 flow settings available

· High O2 concentration: 90% (-3% + 6%) at all settings

· 2.8 inch large colour display screen

· User sensitive pulse dose

· Low power consumption: 90W/h

· Easy operation, one switch control

Pulse Dose is based on delivering the optimum O2 dose on inhalation. The Kingon Pulse Dose mechanism is extremely sensitive, utilizing sophisticated algorithms and technology to deliver oxygen based on patient breath rates.

Kingon P2 with a 0.097 cmH20 trigger sensitivity, is the most dependable and sensitive portable oxygen concentrator in the world.

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