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Taking care of your health


Ecomed was founded to meet the needs of home respiratory patients across South Africa and serving those patients remains one of the cornerstones of our business.  This service intensive aspect of Ecomed demands excellence 24/7 and we are engineered to deliver on the expectations of patients, professionals, and families from across the region.  

Of all the delivery systems used by oxygen-dependent patients, oxygen concentrators are the most common and usually the most economical method to provide oxygen therapy at home. An oxygen concentrator is an electrical device that uses sieve-bed technology to extract oxygen from the surrounding air.

 Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecomed actively takes a role in participating in social and community projects as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is important that we help advance the communities in which we operate in areas such as healthcare, education, safety and others. From improving facilities in healthcare institutions, providing food and clothing in communities, to donations to specific charities, we endeavour to implement and maintain development initiatives. In addition to our CSR, we provide funding and training to BBBEE companies in the health sector as part of our supplier development program.


Ecomed provides full service and support for all its products. This includes the provision of clinical and technical expertise for consultation, installation and training. Sales staff visit customers on a regular basis to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

All products are backed up by fully trained technicians at our repair facilities. We stock a  comprehensive range of spares to ensure a quick turnaround of products needing repair or maintenance.  In addition we have competent technical teams to repair and maintain equipment on site.