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Versana Active

The Versana Active™ ultrasound system delivers the imaging capability of a console in a hand-carried, lightweight package that enables you to actively take your system to your patients, on premises or to remote facilities. This reliable system brings the agility of a laptop unit with capability for attaching to a cart. Adaptable to cover a broad range of everyday exams, it is easy to carry to clinics and physician offices.

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Versana Essential

The Versana Essential ultrasound machine combines quality, clinical capability and dependability in an affordable ultrasound package. Practical and easy-to-own, the Versana Essential ultrasound machine makes workflow easy. It includes a diverse portfolio of ultrasound scan capabilities for general practice applications.

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Venue Go

Simplify assessments and deliver effective care with Venue Go™. Featuring a uniquely adaptable design that goes from cart to table to wall, Venue Go supports Point of Care medicine across clinical needs and physical spaces from the ED to the ICU to the OR.

Vivid E90

The Vivid™ E90 is a premium 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system. The Vivid E90 is based on proven Vivid technology with massive improvements in workflow and image quality. The GE Vivid E90 replaces the Vivid E9 and introduces GE's newest innovation with cSound technology, a strong, software-based beamformer instead of outdated hardware based systems. cSound created increased performance in near field image quality, lateral wall definition, image uniformity, and penetration.

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Versana Balance


World-class ultrasound machine designed for peace of mind.

The Versana Balance ultrasound system is designed with medical practitioners in mind, to help you deliver efficient, high-quality care, patient after patient, day after busy day. A wide variety of ultrasound probes and clinical features let you provide quick and comfortable exams, see clearly, and confidently diagnose a broad range of conditions.

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Vivid E95

The VividTM E95 is a premium 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you reach new heights of care efficiency and effectiveness. Using the extraordinary processing power of our breakthrough software beamformer platform – cSound™ 3.0 – as a catalyst, we’ve developed an array of innovative algorithms and applications to help you keep elevating patient care.

2017 Voluson family photograph - w_VE10

Achieve Certainty Across More Applications.

Voluson Women’s Health ultrasound has developed a strong reputation for high performance – from its exceptional 2D image quality, practical volumetric tools, and innovative probes, to the streamlined ergonomics that help drive efficient workflow. Now those established benefits have been combined into the new Voluson P8 – an affordable way to acquire your first Voluson and bring the benefits of this high performance ultrasound to your patients.


Designed for the unique demands of busy practices this flexible system provides the imaging and clinical capabilities for any patient type.. Busy practices and departments need dedicated technology with the flexibility, ease of use, speed and reliability to manage a comprehensive range of routine obstetric and gynecological exams.


Be confident in your ultrasound - choose the one with a heritage of exceptional performance. The Voluson™ E6 is a versatile ultrasound system offering the superior imaging you need today with the flexibility for when your needs evolve. Your entry into the Expert Series, the Voluson E6 is the perfect choice for a growing practice that demands excellence in patient care.

Logiq E

Console performance, with crisp images in a portable format that’s simple, fast and precise.

See clearly. See quickly. Guide precisely. The NextGen LOGIQTM e's imaging engine comes from GE's flagship console systems, delivering crisp images in a compact package. Point-of-care-specific software and transducers help to see the needle to administer a block or perform an aspiration quickly, even in an obese patient. When productivity matters, you can control the console from the transducer - potentially eliminating the need to have a second person assist.