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Oxygen Concentrators 

Oxygen Concentrator - Ecomed
OxyPure 5 L

The OxyPure Oxygen Concentrator provides up to 5L continuous flow for patients. This innovative Oxygen Concentrator delivers an oxygen purity of up to 96% and weighs only 15 kg.. 

Suitable for most oxygen prescriptions

Fast and easy maintenance

Low flow, high/low pressure, power alarms 

8F 5A.png
Yuwell 5 L

Flow Range: 0.5􀁪5L /min
Oxygen Concentration: 95.5%􀁪87%
Maximum Limited Pressure: 70kPa
Sound Level:48 dB(A)
Input Power: 350VA
Minimum Operating Time: 30minutes

8F 10.png
Yuwell 10 L

Nebulizing function
Automatic reminder filter cleaning: 100 hours
Flow range:1-10L/min
Oxygen concentration : 95.5%-87%
Maximum limited pressure : 100kPa
Sound level : 55dB(A)
Input power : 700VA
Minimum operating time : 30minutes

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