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Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen Concentrator - Ecomed
OxyPure 5 L

The OxyPure Oxygen Concentrator provides up to 5L continuous flow for patients. This innovative Oxygen Concentrator delivers an oxygen purity of up to 96% and weighs only 15 kg.. 

Suitable for most oxygen prescriptions

Fast and easy maintenance

Low flow, high/low pressure, power alarms 

JAY 10 Oxygen Concentrator.jpg
JAY 10

The JAY10 Oxygen Concentrator offers up to 10L flow rate.

The JAY10 is a plug and play system.

It offers visual and audible alarms.

The JAY10 allows you to set a timer for the patient and once the time is completed the machine will turn off automatically.


Power failure, high or low pressure, no flow, and low oxygen concentration alarms.

Nuvo Lite 5L.jpg
Nidek Nuvo 5 L

The Nuvo Lite 5 L oxygen concentrator is a compact stationary oxygen concentrator that offers up to 5L per minute. 

0.125 to 5 L/min flow rate

Quite operation

Made in the USA

Low maintenance costs

Oxygen Concentrator - Ecomed
DeVilbiss 5 L

Noticeably quiet operation – 15% typical sound quality improvement.

Readily accessible patient controls and protected cannula fitting.

5 L/min Flowrate
Low Maintenance Costs

Oxygen Concentrator - Ecomed
DeVilbiss 10 L

Noticeably quiet operation – 15% typical sound quality improvement.

Convenient top and side handles for easy transport.

10 L/min Flowrate
Ideal for High Flow Patients
Low Maintenance Costs

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