Ecomed Medical is giving back to the community every way we can.

Read below just some of our heart warming stories 

Laerskool Florida 

We are overwhelmed with your goodness!

Ecomed Medical (Pty) Ltd filled up our office hallway with nutritious food parcels.

Thank you very much for your amazing donation to our Florries giving to food project.


Our Animal Friends

Ecomed Medical does not stop with people in the community, but we are actively helping our animal friends in need.

We assisted with a very sick dog with a possible lung mass and water on the lungs after hours to alleviate the difficulty with breathing.

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Sarel Cilliers High school

Thank you so much for the kind donation of cylinders and nebulizers for the High School and Hostel.


They have had a few incidences of severe asthma attacks and they are 20 km’s from the nearest hospital so this will be a life saver for them.


The new Head Boy (far left) is a chronic asthmatic but still plays rugby and does wrestling so will become a peer educator for his fellow pupils as well.

Sarel Cilliers High School Donation.jpg

Michel Goosen

Christmas came early this year for my dear dad who was blessed with the gift of life today! Friday 30 October marks the day on which we met angels on earth – Juanita Saaiman, Alma Basson and the rest of the exceptionally professional team from Ecomed in Krugersdorp.


We simply cannot thank you enough for reaching out to us and offering my dad (who only has one functional lung) a lifetime sponsorship for an oxygen machine.


You’ve not only inspired him, but also the rest of our family, to keep having faith and to live and breathe the truth that kindness and love will always win!


Pretoria West Hospital

On Friday the 16th of October, Ecomed Medical was invited to participate in the Pretoria West Hospital Trauma Day.

Ecomed was able to display out equipment and educate the staff and allow them to test the equipment. 

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Howick Hospice

We recently posted about Ecomed Medical

 servicing our two oxygen machines free of charge.

Kosilan Naidoo, pictured below with Clinical Manager Charlotte Woudberg visited today and dropped off a third machine on loan to Howick Hospice.

We are extremely grateful to the team at Ecomed Medical for assisting us with a third oxygen machine.

It will assist our Clinical Team tremendously.

A very big thank you from the team at Howick Hospice for your generosity and assisting us in making a difference.


Pony Tail Donation

A very big thank you for this ponytail donation!

Farishna Inderlall from Ecomed who arranges the home oxygen for our patients is the kind donor. Thanks again, Farishna 


Antinonette Marais

Nothing makes Ecomed Medical happier than giving back to our community.

Please take a moment to read Antionette Marais's story in the link below:

Thank you to Sonja, Nita and Storm for all your hard work and dedication in organizing oxygen for Antionette.

We wish Antionette a speedy recovery.


At Ecomed, we believe in giving back to our community.

A young man, Michael, shares part of his story with us:

Hi my name is Michael, I have Cystic Fibrosis. It is a disease that affects our lungs and organs, like the liver. Cystic Fibrosis is incurable and treatment is very expensive.

I received treatment for my disease at Charlotte Maxete Hospital, and the government do not supply us with Pulse Oximeter.

I just want to thank Sonja for the Pulse Oximeter that she bought me. I really appreciate it.


Mom Stienie

Mrs Stienie is a Diabetic and insulin dependent.

She has got Sarkidose, and 7 huge blood clots in her lungs, along with heart failure.

I received two most important phone calls ever - the first one was when they phoned me, "You must come to hospital, your organ's is on its way from George".

The second most important phone call was, when Sonja from Ecomed called. Thank you Michelle and Avick for delivering the Kingon machine at Anncron Life Hospital in Klerksdorp.


Woelwaters Pre School

Ecomed had the  honor of sponsoring Woelwater Pre Primary School, an underprivileged home for less fortunate children in Randfontien.


 Ecomed kindly donated first aid kits, together with a Christmas party for all 40 children. Fun was had by all with cupcakes, cold drinks, sweets and presents for each child.  What a fantastic experience to see the joy on each child's face! 


Alestiano Korkee

A two-year-old toddler from Parkdene had the freedom to take a trip away from home on Monday for the first time in a year and a half, thanks to the Eden Lions and some good-natured Samaritans.


Little Alestiano Korkee was constantly connected to an oxygen machine due to a lung condition. The distance he could move away from the house was determined by the length of the supply pipe connected to the machine in the house.


Mr. Campher

Mr, Campher, a 2 year old boy was permanently dependent on oxygen.

At the moment he has a power machine. His mom can not take him anywhere because the tank is too heavy. He can only be transported by ambulance for hospital visits.


Ecomed organised a light weight portable oxygen machine for Mrs. Campher so her son does not have to miss out on the adventure. 


Helping during the Covid-19 Pandemic 

We are privileged once again to have been in the fortunate position of being able to provide life saving medical oxygen to Caroline and her family.  Thank you for trusting the Ecomed family. 


Noah Buys

Good afternoon Greg & Sonja, 


My name is Tanya, I am Noah's mom. 

Firstly I want to thank you for your contribution towards his grommet surgery, I pray that you will be blessed in overflow. 


His surgery went very well, the doctors are very happy and he started talking a little bit again. 


Noah is such a strong little man, when we got home on Saturday after the surgery, he carried on as if he never even went for surgery that morning. 


Once again, thank you so very much for helping him we are truly blessed with good hearted people like you. 

Noah Buys.jpg

Caressa Home Nursing

Caressa held a blood donation drive on the 6th of November in Centurion.


A few of our ladies joined the drive, donating enough blood to save nine lives.

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Belinda Berry

Belinda, who was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis, is a single mother of 3 and is only receiving a small disability grant. Belinda only has a standard oxygen concentrator at home that she is connected to 24/7 which her medical aid does pay for but they will not pay for a additional portable unit. Belinda bought a small cylinder but its quite heavy to carry around.

Ecomed decided to step in, donating a new portable oxygen concentrator so Belinda may have her freedom again. 

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Simon Makgobela

After years of dreaming to participate at the Paralympics as a cyclist, Simon Makgobela from Munsieville has now decided to take up tennis to reach his dream.

After reading about Simon in the News in 2019, Greg de Freitas, the director of Ecomed Medical decided he wanted to help.

Simon told him about the train accident in which he lost his legs at the age of 16 and how important cycling was to him. He was struggling to provide for his wife and four kids, and make enough money to compete in cycling races. He had to depend on donations which he mostly received by standing on street corners.

Greg said he was amazed by Simon’s courage and attitude, and he wanted to help Simon to have the same opportunities as any able-bodied person. He did not want Simon to worry about providing for his family – he wanted him to focus only on his dream, so he has been helping the family out with R10 000 per month to survive.

Simon also mentioned to Greg that he would like to start playing tennis, and with the help of a few well-placed connections Simon started taking tennis lessons.

Simon explained he tried to be the best in cycling as he wanted to have a way to support his family, but getting sponsorship was difficult. He now only cycles for fun and exercise.

“Maybe tennis can take me far and one day I will be able to afford a nice home for my children to stay in,” Simon said.

He added that he would like to thank Greg who helped him a lot. He wants to make Greg happy and proud. His dream is still to go to the Paralympics but this time it won’t be in a cycling chair, but in a specialized tennis chair.


Annette Claassen

It is with great gratitude that we as a family today would like to thank Ecomed for donating Annette Claassen's wheelchair.

Annette was in the Intensive Care Unit of Charlotte Maxeke Hospital for a month with heart problems where we lost her almost 3 times, she was connected to Ventilator and recovered remarkably from it but has now lost the feeling in her legs, Doctors are doing tests and they found out that there was a tumor on Annette's spine, a biopsy would be done to see if that could be the cause.


We would like to thank Mr Greg De Freitas very much for the donation, and through that Annette can now move around with ease, even to the good samaritans Michelle Laufs and Sonja Nel without you it would not have been possible Goodman thank you very much for your sacrifice and time you took to unload the wheelchair for her It's so good to know that there are more Angels coming your way.

Well done Ecomed team.


Revan du Toit

Revan du Toit is a 6 year old boy who was diagnosed with microcephaly, cerebral palsy and epilepsy.


He has been in hospital since the beginning of June. Revan was only allowed to be discharged on the condition that he was able to find oxygen.

Ecomed Medical donated an oxygen concentrator and oxygen cylinder so that Revan could be home with his family.


Pink Drive

Breast & Cervical Cancer Education and awareness.

PinkDrive would like to give a big Pink Thank You to Ecomed for sponsoring KN95 Masks, 3 Ply Masks and Face Shields to PinkDrive to help in the fight against COVID-19

Ecomed Medical.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank

Ecomed Medical

for their continued support, ensuring a continuous supply of medical oxygen on our emergency vehicles.

Our sponsors are the reason Medi-Edge can continue to serve our community.


Lebone College

We were given the wonderful opportunity to give back to the community once again.

The hard working staff of Lebone College each received an Ecomed Care Pack.

Each pack contained a variety of different self care items.

Ecomed medical strives for great service and customer satisfaction.


Aziel's Story

Aziel is a 4 year old buy who was found lifeless a the bottom of the swimming pool. He was rushed to hospital. Aziel sustained a serious brain injury.

Ecomed participated in the Lion Roar Fundraiser Market to raise money for Aziel's medical bills and medical equipment that he needed. 


Our Animal Friends

Ecomed Medical does not stop with people in the community, but we are actively helping our animal friends in need.

This little guy needed oxygen all the way in Nelspruit, so we were happy to make the trip to make sure they got what they needed.



Alestiano is 2 years old and suffering from COPD, He is dependent of oxygen 24/7 and was not able to move freely or to leave his house.


Today Alestiano enjoyed his first day out to the Garden Route mall as he spend 6 months of his life in hospital. I would like to thank the lord that he used me as a building block in the life's of this family and the following people that came on board to make a difference . I would like to thank  Ecomed Medical (PTY) Ltd for sponsoring the mobile Oxygen unit and nebulizer. I would also convay a special thanks to the MD Greg, you are a wonderful person.