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Medical Equipment

Anaesthetic Machines 
Anaesthetic Machines 

Anaesthetia Administration

Ventilators - Ecomed

ICU and Transport Ventilators

Defibrillators & AED - Ecomed
Defibrillators & AED's

Automated External Defibrillators

Diagnostic Equipment - Ecomed
Diagnostic Equipment
Hospital Furniture - Ecomed
Hospital Furniture

Browse through the range of hospital furniture.

Theater Tables - Ecomed
Theatre Tables

Operating & Orthopedic Theaters

Radiology - Ecomed

Diagnostic Imaging

Infusion - Ecomed

Intravenous or Subcutaneous Therapy

Oxygen Administration - Ecomed
Oxygen Administration

Cylinders, Regulators, Flow Meters and  Oxygen Accessories. 

Medical Refrigeration - Ecomed
Cold Chain

A range of medical fridges.

Theatre Examination Lights - Ecomed
Theatre/ Examination Lights

Various Lights and Lamps

Biolight S10.png
Patient Monitors

Diagnostic Analysis Monitoring

Infant Care - Ecomed
Infant Care

Antenatal Care In and Before Hospital

Suction Unit - Ecomed

Mobile, Wall and Battery Operated Suctions.

Autoclaves - Ecomed

Table Top Autoclaves

Resuscitation - Ecomed
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