Covid-19 PPE

3 ply surgical mask.png
3 ply masks

Protect against dust, weather, prevents saliva droplets and blood splatter.

Covers your nose, mouth and chin for full protection.

INfrared Thermometer DH IRT01.png
Forehead Infra-red Thermometer

The non-contact infra-red thermometer is accurate and reliable with its instant temperature detection. 

The non-contact function means that it is hygienic, insuring no cross infection.

KN95 Mask.png
KN95 Mask

High defence disposable protective KN95 face masks.

KN95 protection masks are suitable for respiratory protection from harmful particles in the air.

Face shield.png
Face Shield

The face shield assists to effectively protect the face from external splashes.

It also helps the spread of the virus by providing an added barrier.